Monday, October 27, 2008

It's everywhere - WHY?

While in an airport recently, I treated myself to a bag of plain potato chips (Baked Lay's) without reading the label first. They tasted a bit odd, and sure enough, the label said that in the 32 g of chips, there were 2 grams of sugar. I threw the rest of the bag away.

There is usually sugar in barbeque and "all dressed" chips -- read the labels! -- but what on earth could be the motivation for adding sugar to plain potato chips? It just baffles me. To increase the addictive qualities of the chips is the only reason I can think of.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catching up

Hello, my apologies for not having posted for such a long time. The sugar-free-year stil continues and is going well!

Things have been hectic in my personal life, though -- my Mum had a stroke on September 8 and I have been travelling a lot to see her (1600-km round trip each time), hence the lack of regular posts.

It was a large hemorrhagic stroke due to an aneurysm, which in turn was probably due to high blood pressure -- will research the effects of sugar on blood pressure and get back to you. My aunt died of a cerebral aneurysm, so perhaps this is a familial tendency I can head off with careful diet.

Meanwhile, I know all my friends will be sending encouragement and sympathy on behalf of Mum -- thank you in advance! She is still in hospital and will shortly move to an extended care home.