Sunday, May 11, 2008

Temptations already!

Happy mother's day!

My resolution was tested this morning when my dear husband gave me two bars of high-quality 85% chocolate as a Mother's Day gift. So kind! Unfortunately, these contain sugar -- the only kind I can eat now is the 99% type, such as Lindt's Excellence Noirissime.

I told him I had started the sugar-free year (should have thought to mention this before Mother's Day) -- he was very understanding and found the receipt so I could exchange the bars.

This brings me to a major stumbling block for many people when making a dietary change -- the fear of hurting others' feelings. How can we possibly turn down those lovingly home-baked brownies (an old family recipe!)?

I believe that all true friends or loving family members will understand. In my initial sugar-free challenge (see previous post), I was surprised by how supportive and understanding everyone was--this barrier really existed in my own mind.

I encountered only one mildly negative response -- a generous friend expressed disappointment that I declined some cake, repeating, "But it just has a little sugar in it!" My response: "It's like offering an alcoholic a small drink!"

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