Sunday, May 11, 2008

Vital statistics

Physical starting point:
  • 143 pounds / 64.8 kg
  • 5'8" / 1.72 metres
  • Body fat: Approx 32%

Physical changes so far:
  • Reduced thirst (not surprising when you realize that each gram of carbs attracts 4 grams of water)
  • Increased, er, peeing (same reason as above -- body is dumping extra water weight)
  • Starting on day 2, dramatically decreased appetite -- hunger seems "real," a trustworthy request for nourishment, rather than a craving unrelated to my body's real needs
  • Increased ability to tolerate hunger
  • Slightly drier skin -- yayy! (I've had acne and extremely oily skin since age 13. Hate, hate, hate it.)

My rules for the year:
  • Fresh fruit is OK
  • Dried fruit's fine too, but not to excess -- i.e., a small handful of raisins or dried cherries is OK, but no more. Craisins, candied ginger or any dried fruit with added sugar are verboten. (Did you know Craisins are sprayed with a sugar mixture?)
  • Obviously, no candies, desserts, ice cream, etc.
  • No processed foods with sugar as a listed ingredient. Exception: Cases such as the President's Choice mayonnaise I ate last night, which mysteriously includes sugar near the end of the ingredient list, but also states "Sugars: 0g" and "Carbs:0g.") I felt this was fine.

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